Making Tabushi reality

Making Tabushi reality
Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Tabushi family. We are here to make you happy.

Tabushi brand represents unique furniture inspired by sushi.
Tabushi Combo, Tabushi Bar, Tabushi Home Bar, Tabushi Mini, Tabushi Long.

Tabushi® Combo is a multifunctional piece of furniture. Just by removing a lid (salmon, avocado, tuna etc.) it turns into a handy storage for your slippers, favourite newspapers or a child’s toy.

Tabushi® Bar IS STRIKING
ith its charming design highlights the atmosphere of an every sushi bar and makes each bite of uramaki or nigiri taste more delicious.

If you want to have at home a stool inspired by your favourite dish, then TABUSHI® Home Bar  is your first choice.

Tabushi® Long IS LOVELY
It is a version of a small bench inspired by nigiri. It fits two persons.
It can be also used in a few sitting positions. With their big colored surface they bring a splash of personality.

Cheer up your youngest family members and friends, with this light, soft, comfortable and amusing tabouret. Because of its simple and safe sponge structure, it can be used for sitting, rolling and playing.
TABUSHI® Mini comes in different bright colors.