About us

Tabushi brand represents unique seats inspired by sushi and made for everyone who likes design, sushi and something different.

Tabushi Combo, made for sitting and inserting something in its storage which is below the central two-coloured plug. This new friend of yours is very helpful when unexpected guest arrive. Tabushi Long, very good friend of sushi bars and restaurants, and for all who have their own bar at home. Tabushi Mini, our little friend for all our little ones. It is made of material tested for kindergarten. 

All product is found in a few color combination of central plug. Used colors are inspired of colors we can find in sushi, which are tuna, salmon, crab, avocado and cucumber. Both, Tabushi Combo and Tabushi Long are made of tested materials, easy to clean and waterproof.

Tabushi is a proud product of Lilipop design located in Zagreb, Croatia.