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  • Tabushi Combo

    Tabushi® Combo is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It is possible that in its interior, after removing the lid, to put in your slippers, your favourite newspaper or a child’s toy, instead of salmon, avocado, tuna or carrot.

  • Tabushi Mini

    Cheer up your youngest family members and friends, with light, soft, comfortable and fun tabouret.
    Tabushi® Mini is made of high quality and child friendly materials.

  • Tabushi Bar

    Tabushi® Bar is with its charming figure highlights the atmosphere in every sushi bar, and each bite of uramaki or nigiri tastes more delicious. It is inventively combined of 3 different materials

  • Tabushi Home Bar

    If you want a stool in the shape of your favourite dish at home, in a strog combination of three materials, Tabushi® Home Bar has been created just for you.

  • Tabushi Long

    Tabushi® Long is a version of a small bench inspired by nigiri. It fits two persons. It can be also used in a few sitting positions. With their big colored surface they bring a splash of personality.